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Please review adding a magnet for download

by loninappleton on 2021/02/09 04:48:50 PM    
I have seen a previous forum entry from 2018 on adding a magnet link.
What I need is a step by step procedure to add a long lines magnet link
or a way to edit the link as shorter or truncated.

Other thing I tried was just loading the long line magnet into
Firefox location bar which errored out

Please give all the areas of Tixati and Firefox to get this done.

Whatever I am doing is incorrent as:

Copy magnet link > Paste to  Tixati > Transfers > Share >  then which options for use of Firefox?


In Tixati > Settings > Magnet Links give the full descriptions for Firefox or direct magnet transfer variables after the magnet:?

and also the storage path which I have for regular torrents.  I can't give it any better than that.
by loninappleton on 2021/02/09 05:30:34 PM    
One clarification.  I want to use Tixati direct outside of the browser as I would normally load a torrent.

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