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Tixati installation wizard

by Guest on 2021/02/04 02:26:19 AM    
Tixati downloads and installs and then when I click 'Run Tixati' on the installation window, it closes and doesn't run. When I search for the software, it just reopens the installation program and redownloads and has the same problem.
by Guest on 2021/02/04 04:05:10 AM    
what OS and what version of tixati?
you did download tixati from the tixati website right?
is this the first time you have tried to install tixati?
have you had any trouble installing anything else recently?
by Bugmagnet on 2021/02/06 01:10:14 PM    
might this be an administrative issue?
are you logged into to the computer as a normal user or an admin? Perhaps normal users are restricted from installing and running new programs.

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