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"The tray icon is not being displayed due to an error."

by Milincho on 2021/02/02 05:29:06 PM    
Why is Tixati the only software in the whole computing history that constantly shows a "The tray icon is not being displayed due to an error."?

It gets annoying seeing this basicly on a daily manner for years...
by Milincho on 2021/04/13 12:09:27 AM    
Still an obscure and unsolvable mistery...
by Eikott on 2022/09/10 04:27:42 PM    
I just saw the error message today for the first time on Win11. Did you ever find out what caused the issue? Happened to me after I pinned the shortcut to the taskbar while running, unsure if that's what caused it.
by Eikott on 2022/09/10 04:33:15 PM    
After some reading apparently it's due to a resolution change. I did change my display magnification before I received this error so I would have to concur.

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