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Tixati v2.81 is Out of memory

by Yura on 2021/01/18 12:29:03 PM    
The program is very good, but today I launched 17 torrents in Tixati v2.81. Every 1.5 hours the program closes and displays an out of memory message. I am using Windows 2003 Server, the total system memory is 8 Gigabytes. While the program was running, memory was used by ΒΌ of 8 Gigabytes. What is the reason for closing the program? If I download 5-7 torrents, the program does not close and works stably. Thank you.
by Bugmagnet on 2021/02/06 12:13:49 PM    
I note you reported this also with v1.78 and v1.79.

When you say you "launched" 17 torrents, I am assuming those were to download, since you mention that 5-7 downloads doesn't cause a problem.

First, to isolate the issue... My main file server client is on an old computer running windows 7 64bit and also with 8GB RAM

This mainly serves as a seedbox, seeding over 2200 torrents and trying to download 200 (but they are all orphaned with no seeds usually seen at all). In this state, Tixati is using about 2 GB of RAM.

I am also running fopnu on the same system with over 4TB of files shared and it is using about 2.3 GB of RAM.

All this runs 24/7 without a problem.

So the main differences I see are your 2003 Server OS and having a large number of active downloads. And by what you report, the number of active downloads makes a difference.

I don't think using 2003 Server is very common so finding others to replicate your issue related to that might not be easy. But others with 8GB of RAM might be able to startup 20 downloads of various linux flavors to see if that causes an out of memory problem on their computers. Mine is remote, but I will try to test this if I have time the next time I am at the console.
by Guest on 2021/02/06 06:45:54 PM    
I run 'Puppy' Linux, on a year-old HP Pavilion tower w/32GB DDR4. Highest number I've had downloading at any one time was perhaps 15-16? Tixati portable.....stable as a rock.

Not being funny, but 8GB or less is really borderline for day-to-day use, TBH. 16GB or more is nicely functional.....and for me, with Puppy taking up so little space, almost the entire 32 GB is available for personal use (NOT chewed up by the system). Another reason I haven't used Windows for nearly a decade.....
by Guest on 2021/02/16 02:18:22 PM    
I have used Tixati on two computers with Windows, one Windows 8.1 with 8GB of RAM and another with Windows 10 with 20GB of RAM.

On both RAM never surpassed 300MB even with tens of torrents downloading and seeding. Right now I'm downloading 18 and seeding over 50.

So I have two possibilities:

1. It might have something to do with Windows Server 2003 that has the same core as Windows XP. Windows XP and Vista have quite some differences from Windows 7, 8 and 10 and it's old as hell. Considering Tixati might be compiled using a modern Visual Studio or MinGW64 with up-to-date libraries it might use something that on Windows XP doesn't exist or is heavily outdated.
2. You might be using some extra feature without knowing. Disable them in the settings. Also, disable the IP filter feature if you use it, it's basically useless and if you use too much address lists it may eat a lot of RAM to keep all those IPs on memory.
by Yura on 2021/02/18 06:01:25 AM    
Thanks to everyone who answered!

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