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Tixati reports half-full disk as full

by verin on 2021/01/09 01:01:07 PM    
Sometimes when loading a big torrent (several gigabytes), file initialisation fails halfway through with the following error:
error writing file while allocating: There is not enough space on the disk. (112)

In Tixati Settings > Transfers > Locations I have 'Default Download Location' and 'Incomplete Piece Storage Location' both set to D:\; 'Move upon completion' is unchecked and unspecified. However, the properties window for D:\ reports more than 100 GB free. Does anyone have any clue where I could start looking for a solution to this problem?

D:\ is using FAT32, and I am on Windows 10 using Tixati v2.78. I ran chkdsk D:\ in the command prompt with admin permissions but no problems were found. I really don't know what to check next.

I searched the forum for similar questions to no avail, I hope this is not a duplicate!

Big thanks to team Tixati for making such an amazing program free to use! (Also thank you for the e-mail-less name registration!)
by Napsterbater on 2021/01/11 08:08:05 PM    
FAT32 Max file size is 4GB.

If a torrent has files bigger then 4GB you are going to have an issue. There is little reason to still be using a FAT32 formatted disk.
by verin on 2021/01/14 12:41:22 PM    
Thank you! I can't believe I fell for something that stupid... I have several torrents over 4 GB, but those are not single files of course.

As I would like to keep D:/ cross-platform without too much hassle I'll try formatting it as UDF then.

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