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Web Interface improvements

by Guest on 2021/01/08 02:35:00 PM    
Hello, I've been using Tixati for the longest time now and I'm a huge fan of the software.
I actually have it running on my home server all day long seeding and I wish I wouldn't have to control it with Anydesk any time I want to add a transfer, but that's not really possible with the lack of options in the web interface.
For starters, you can't choose the download location, nor can you change it for existing transfers.
Then there's also the fact that the transfer tab is kind of broken. Whenever I type something in to the filter and hit enter it takes me to the /addtransfer page.
There is also the problem that there's no option to filter anything but the name and sorting (for example by B/s Out) isn't a thing either.
I also wish I could configure my RSS feeds from the web interface, but that might just be a me thing since they probably aren't that commonly used.

Anyways, regardless of the web interface that's lacking imo, thanks for all the work you poured into the software and for making it freely available.

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