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.dat files format¶How to edit them¶change downloads location

by KeyserSöze on 2021/01/04 05:34:04 PM    
I had to move the seeding and incomplete files to another directory.
I wanted to open the repository that lists the files and their locations, and simply change manually their location information directly.
Unfortunately, the .dat files are not sqlite databases, nor json, not even some other common format compressed (7-zip cannot open them). I could not open them.

Is there a way to open and edit those .dat files?

Is there a (maybe even complex) way to change the location of a large list of downloads in Tixati?
by KeyserSöze on 2021/01/04 05:56:53 PM    
Another use case for such request is merging torrents.

There are some torrents that have the same contents, but are in a different directory structure. Allowing such greater flexibility would considerably simplify the process of merging the content.

Currently, we have to employ much more work, right-clicking on a file, then choosing a directory (we cannot even paste the path), choose the next groups of files, next location, etc.

If we could manually edit those locations, even inside the torrent contents (in this case, the location of the files of the torrent), then it all could be much simpler and faster.
by KeyserSöze on 2021/01/04 06:15:19 PM    
It could be as simple and fast as find-and-replace, or even pasting the paths obtained from other tools (like Directory Opus, or Directory List & Print Pro, or Directory Lister, or Folder2List, etc).

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