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Pause active transfer option?

by Guest on 2021/01/04 02:46:59 AM    
Would it be possible to add a pause option to a transfer?

If the transfer is active, and it is paused, it would be frozen but still occupy an active slot.  Example:  Four active transfers are running.  One of the four is paused. There are still four 'active' transfers, though one is now frozen.  Nothing else changes, no new transfer enters from the queued transfers.

If the transfer is waiting in the queue, and it is paused, it behaves the same as any other queued transfer except it is frozen and doesn't consume any resources.  When it is ready to enter active transfers, it could 1) remain queued/paused and let other transfers go past into active slot, 2) enter active slot and remain paused, 3) enter active slot and automatically unpause, 4) something else...

Any thoughts on whether this is easily added?

Thank you for your consideration.

---Kind regards.

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