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Uncheck files from downloading if they're missing

by Guest on 2021/01/03 08:12:44 AM    
Since Tixati's file moving is a little slow, sometimes renames files by copying them with a different name and completely freezes when moving files to my WebDAV server, I rely on a sync program to do the job after a month of seeding but the problem is that I have to manually uncheck the files in Tixati and after all that time, I don't even remember what I downloaded, which means that since I have the setting 'Error on missing files' unchecked, means Tixati will download it all again.

Is this possible?
by Guest on 2021/01/04 07:30:35 AM    

If file was 100% downloaded, and after isnt there, instead of redownload, just show a yellow checkbox with an interrogation, may add a new setting to use this behaviour. I also use Tixati file manager to control what was downloaded or not, looking in checkboxes

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