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Download speed (B/s IN) always unstable but mostly slow

by Guest on 2020/12/30 03:40:38 AM    
First, sorry for the language because English wasn't my native language and I wasn't really knowledgeable in torrenting.

I had 10.31 mbps download speed and 1.43 mbps upload speed (as it was checked on

There is this file I were torrenting, and its size was 85.5 GB, at first it had 3 Seeders that has 100% file progress, but now its left to 2, 1 seeder that popping almost at 68.5 kb/s, where the other seeder seemingly doesn't pop everything, nonexistent b/s in and b/s out, I also suspected this one seeder choked me out.

Mostly, there was this problem were my download speed always dropping down, ranging from 800 kb/s to 1.31 kb/s or even 1.01 kb/s. It first happened when the downloaded file were at 20 GBs. I update the tixati client which fixed it to an usual speed of 1.1 mbps, it also dropped down at certain times where it hit at worst, 20 kb/s. As it doesn't really help where I increased my upload speed that was 50 kb/s to 100 kb/s, and even I remove the limit, it hits always at 250 kb/s or 300 kb/s. the downloaded files finally reaching 79.0 GBs at 92%, but suddenly the speed always dropping. I just noticed it at morning after I woke up, seeing it spikes to 1.30 Mb/s to almost nonexistent 1.31 kbps.

I checked my download speed aside from the torrent, its still hitting 1.30 mb/s, but at tixati, it always unstable, really unstable. So here's my questions

1. Does the download speed affected by peers trying connecting ? Or its because the seeders choking me ? The upload speed seems fine, it pops up to 250 or 181 kb/s everytime, but my download speed hitting at worst 1.31 kb/s and ranging to 800 kb/s but its just a random spike, it went down to at least 32 kb/s, and now its hitting 14.1 kb/s

2. Does the outgoing limit from the seeders affect my download speeds ? Or is it my internet connection that was unstable ?

3. There was two peers that recently turning on/off incoming and when they do, its always Outgoing Local Not Choking Remote (Charity), is this intentional ? Or it's just automated ?

4. Does updating tixati mid torrenting corrupt the file ? I was at 20 gb progress while I updating Tixati. Update were successful, the file popped up in the list, so is it normal ? I shouldn't worry about file corrupting after I finished torrenting it right ?

Again, sorry and thank you if anyone would want to answer these questions.

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