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Run Tixati on local drive but have the "file list" on my NAS?

by Guest on 2020/12/28 11:27:37 AM    
I have a few computers on my network and have Tixati installed on all of them (typically only run the program on one machine at a time). I'll seed downloads for a few weeks (depending on the files) before moving them from my hard drive. That way, if I try to download the same file again, Tixati alerts me that I've already downloaded it (and I have to figure out which computer had it). However, if I downloaded it on another computer, I have no idea that I have done so. Is there a way to have Tixati use a file on the NAS to record which files have been downloaded? In other words, when I start Tixati on a computer, it reads the file list from the NAS rather than from the local hard drive. All the computers would then share that one file list.

Thanks in advance!
by Guest on 2020/12/28 12:11:42 PM    
have you tried running the portable version?
run the portable version on the NAS and webui in from any computer.
or run the portable version on all other computers with the NAS as shared between them.

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