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Bug: Tixati 2.77 freezes and can't be killed

by Guest on 2020/12/27 03:24:19 AM    
I am having a problem that started with 2.76 and continues with 2.77. When I end Tixati, the process freezes and cannot be killed. It continues to use about 1/6 (17%) of my CPU time!! The only way to fix this is to reboot my computer. This is unacceptable behavior, and it is causing me to look for a different bittorrent client. As much as I like Tixati, I can't continue to allow it to leave zombie processes wasting my CPU time. The zombie process also will not allow upgrading. I tried to upgrade to 2.78, and install goes through 30 tries to update files and then fails.
by Guest on 2020/12/27 11:10:27 AM    
What OS?
you seem to be having 2 different problems.

for the freezing problem:
how much time between when you close tixati to when you have to kill the tixati process?
sometimes, depending on how many torrents and such have to be closed, it could take a minute or so to fully close tixati.
try to get v2.78 on and see if this is still happening.

being unable to install v2.78:
what exactly is happening when you try to install v2.78?
you did get the file from the tixati website, right?
are you getting any errors? what are they?
by Guest on 2020/12/28 01:43:40 AM    
OS: Windows 7 professional with 32 GB. Memory is not an issue. When the tixati process freezes it freezes indefinitely, not for just a minute. The only way to kill it is rebooting. There is plenty of drive space available as well. I do have about 400 torrents but only a small fraction of those are active at any moment.
When trying to install tixati 2.78 (Yes, from the Tixati website) the installer would try 30 times to copy the files, then fail. After I rebooted, the zombie tixati processes were gone of course and the installer worked fine. I have tixati 2.78 installed right now, but I haven't tried to end it yet so I don't know if the problem is still there.
by Guest on 2020/12/28 08:51:39 PM    
Never had a problem like this with any version of Tixati, are you sure it is not an error from your end as of misuse or related? To any program to hang is not normal and you should look into that first.

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