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Some "Main Toolbar Style" options don't work with v2.78

by ufuksarp on 2020/12/22 06:20:11 PM    
For example, when I choose "Text Only" from the "Toolbar" dropdown menu, it still shows the big icons. This wasn't the case in v2.77.
Some other options in the same section don't seem to work either.

Tixati v2.78 - Windows 7 x64
by Guest on 2020/12/23 07:07:39 AM    
same for me

for the main toolbar, i used to display "Text Only" instead of icons
it helps to speed up tixati interface
by Guest on 2020/12/23 10:50:43 AM    
Same behaivor on Windows 10 x64 20H2.
by Guest on 2021/01/01 08:26:04 PM    
Same issue on Win7 x64. Was able to circumvent by selecting "Small Same Sized Buttons" option.
by janet on 2021/01/01 08:46:15 PM    
This issue has been confirmed and the Devs tell me that it should be fixed in the next version.

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