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running remote server file locations with VPN

by PsychoBill on 2020/11/17 07:48:04 PM    
not sure how to look this question up but the issue im having and would like to know is:

my Tixati is installed and running on my computer, the files goto my server computer through networked folders. i have NordVPN installed on my computer and not on the server as it wont allow "remote desktop" connection while running the VPN.

so my question is are the files downloading through Tixati on the main computer with NordVPN to the server computer being blocked from public visuals or is it basically being downloaded in public sense the VPN is not running on the server?
by Guest on 2020/11/22 06:27:54 PM    
Edit: I misread the question. If your server is on your LAN it should be private. You're downloading to a local network share right?

An alternate solution would be to run Tixati and the VPN on the server. If your VPN supports whitelisting IPs or also called split tunneling, you can allow your other devices on your LAN to connect or RDP login or whatever else.

On your computer open command prompt and run "ipconfig" write down your IP and subnet mask. Enter it on this site:

Example: if your IP is and  your subnet mask is then you would whitelist in the VPN.
by Guest on 2020/11/22 06:43:47 PM    

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