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Creating torrents: exclude certain files

by KananJarrus73 on 2020/11/09 01:22:20 PM    
i've been using Tixati for over a year now and have started importing older torrents into it.
i'm at around 4000 torrents now, all nicely queued or seeding exactly like i want.

now i'm starting to also create (always private) torrents.
however i'm missing the ability to exclude certain files.
I'm using windows 10 but all my files are on Synology NASs, several 10's of TBs.

I'm primarily creating content on a Mac however, again with the NAS as the sharing vehicule.
using both Mac and Windows on a linux based NAS created several .DS_Store files and @eaDir folders, needed by the NAS to store extended attributes and stuff.
BiglyBT and other clients automically exclude certain files and other even allow me set regexs or globs to define my own rules.

I would like to ask for Tixati to be able to do the same: allow the user to exclude certain files so that they don't end up in the torrent files. they end up on the leechers end and they have no meaning to them.
even makes continued seeding sometimes impossible.

by Guest on 2020/11/11 11:28:39 AM    
A temporary but inconvenient solution would be to move the files you don't want to include out of the folder and then create the torrent. Now you can move the files back where they were before.
by Pete on 2020/11/11 03:31:49 PM    
I would like this functionality too. It's a good idea.
by Guest on 2020/11/12 12:18:40 PM    
it is indeed what i do today:
1. remove the hidden files (they are created automatically anyway when i reopen the folder)
2. create the torrent, and validate are not in the files list
3. share/upload..

the hidden files will be updated when I open the folder in Finder again but the original main files aren't touched.

however it would still be nice to having to think about that.

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