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How can Tixati update tracker lists

by loninappleton on 2020/11/08 07:21:20 PM    
I've been on Tixati for some time-- years-- but recently a fileshare friend was giving me the lowdown on healthy trackers versus deadwood or bandwidth hogs-- specifically coppers****er which appears top of form on tracker lists.

Since he is a seedbox friend I took the advice of manually going through and getting
rid of dead or hoggish trackers and updated my list.  That was a long manual process.

What,   if anything,  does Tixati have in its many features to cull the dead wood and
auto-update tracker lists?
by Pete on 2020/11/11 03:35:29 PM    
Look at Settings > Transfers > Trackers > Individual tracker options (Edit). There are useful options there.
by loninappleton on 2020/11/14 12:45:14 AM    
I have hand edited the tracker list.  But I'll look at what you've pointed out.
The goal would be to clean out the dead wood and dust bunnies in those old lists
that, for instance,  show as red. Perhaps a pointer to ones showing red for deletion(?)
by Pete on 2020/11/16 04:00:05 PM    
You can do two things about that using Individual tracker options. Either use Skip Announce list to ignore those trackers (they will still be there but not used anymore), or use Remove From New to delete listed tracker from each newly loaded transfer. You can use both lists at the same time too. For example a tracker put on both lists will be skipped from already loaded transfers and deleted from each new transfer. Unfortunately you can't delete certain tracker from all transfers using those options.
by loninappleton on 2020/11/16 11:58:25 PM    
ok thanks for answering.

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