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Bring back the 'Skip Queue' option from the 'Load Transfer' dial

by Guest on 2020/11/08 06:16:11 PM    
in previous versions I could tell Tixati to bypass the queue from a right-click on the Start button, and select 'Start now' or 'bypass queue' (or something, I already forgot what it said).
that was very handy when you have a lot stalled downloads because there aren't any seed at a given moment.
now i have to 'start' it, which will add it to the queue list, so i have to go to the queued list, right-click on the newly added torrent, and select 'by pass queue' to start it immediately.
doing it from the 'Load Transfer' dialog is quicker and was there before. i got removed 2 or 3 releases ago.
please bring it back :)
by Guest on 2020/11/08 11:26:44 PM    
the option to skip queue is still available if you right-click the start button on the load transfer prompt. there is also a new option to put the torrent at the front of the queue.
by Guest on 2020/11/09 02:16:21 AM    
well that's the thing, when i right-click the 'start' button, it just has one option: 'start', nothing more. the Skip Queue is gone.
did i do something to take that away?
by Guest on 2020/11/09 10:15:25 AM    
what OS?
by KananJarrus73 on 2020/11/09 10:46:01 AM    
Windows 10 Pro, version 2004, OS Build 19041.572, windows feature experience pack 120.2212.31.0
I've been using Tixati on this machine since version 2.68

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