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New Feature Request: please an export feature

by Guest on 2020/11/08 06:05:01 PM    
hi devs
i know an API has been asked before and is currently not on the main new features list. However you have this great scheduling feature. What about adding a feature that would allow me to export all the details of all the torrents into either a json or csv file (I'd start with the actual torrents list, so forget about the files, peers, or session info for now). Preferably it would take the columns taht are currently visible in the 'transfers' view.
Once that is available i could see it be added to a scheduled task so that it's exported to a file (unique or same, configurable) every 5 mins, or hour, or whatever/
That would give those that seed 1000s of torrents a chance to see what is really being request and for how much, as in the UI you can only see when it was last active and what the total uploaded volume is.

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