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[Request] Blacklist Tracker Option

by Guest on 2020/10/29 09:56:40 AM    
Would be awesome to add a feature that you could blacklist trackers.

Settings > Trackers > Edit > Blacklist Tab

and a Right-Click option to Blacklist in the "Trackers" tab on the main screen.

Blacklist would be editable, of course. If a tracker on the blacklist is found being used, it should also be auto removed from the active list.

In short, have the trackers list auto scanned, auto remove any found that match on the Blacklist and have the option to manually add trackers to a Blacklist.

Thanks =)
by Pete on 2020/10/29 09:08:24 PM    
I believe this functionality is already available. Go to Settings > Transfers > Trackers. Click Edit button next to "Individual tracker options". There are two tabs there which do what you asked for: "Remove From New" - trackers listed there will be removed permanently, "Skip Announce" - listed trackers will be skipped from announcement but not removed.

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