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move output for specific files - nOT a PICKER but an address loc

by minsik on 2020/10/25 02:56:02 AM    
HI, tixati is a great torrent program and works very well but i have hit a brick wall trying to do this.

Downloading a torrent and open properties, options and move on completion. Her we have only ONE option to select which is "move to another location". this opens a pick box where selecting an existing location is the only way.
I want to use
"\\coreelec\movies\someones"    for example. This does not exist under the network in my computer but if i use this address i can open it or open via a desktop shortcut.
These seems to be NO way to achieve this very simple thing.
wondering if a simple address could be added to the "move to" option somehow.
by Guest on 2020/10/29 12:28:14 AM    
If I understand correctly, I think what you could do is map that share to a drive letter. I wouldn't recommend this if you're on wifi or connecting to a share over the internet.

I haven't tested this with Tixati but it should work.
by minsik on 2020/11/01 05:00:35 AM    
thanks for the idea guest, i addded the mapped drive and now can use in the network picker as a location to move to after completion of download. Great idea i did not think on.

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