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Using only one Tixati in a dual boot system

by Guest on 2020/10/16 12:52:45 PM    
In my Desktop PC I have both Windows 7 and Windows 10 on a dual boot system.  I have installed Tixati on both operating systems.  I dearly love Tixti to load/download torrents.
I'm been thinking on how I would try and use just one version (the current) of Tixati for both systems.   If I move the user files to just one system the question becomes what I
am missing.  If anyone has tried this before, would it work?

Thanking you in advance,

by Guest on 2020/10/17 05:24:17 AM    
Create partition and assign the SAME drive letter for the 2 operating systems (let's say F:).
In this partition create a folder for tixati portable. Also create a folder for torrents (let's say F:\Torrents).
Go to tixati Settings -> Transfers -> Locations:
1. Default Download Locations -> F:\Torrents
2. Incomplete Piece Storage Location -> F:\Torrents

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