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Please add silent install option

by Guest on 2020/10/15 03:48:58 PM    
Please add silent install option -- that is, add a command line argument to the installer which makes the installer perform the installation without any user input. Showing a window is fine.

For example, running:

.\tixati-2.76-1.win64-install.exe /S

...would open the installer and automatically start the installation as if the user already clicked the "Continue" button. After installation, the installer will again close.

This is necessary in order to include Tixati in the Windows Package Manager (WinGet), which has silent install as a requirement. Since I love Tixati, I would love for it to be included in WinGet. Please consider this request.
by loninappleton on 2020/10/18 06:45:42 PM    
I would add a plus 1 to this.

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