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Anti leech functionality

by Raging_Flames on 2020/10/09 06:09:32 PM    
Are there any plans to add anti leech functionality for torrents made in Tixati. It would be nice for me to be able to create a torrent, and then have it so that the client seeds all the pieces except for a user defined percent. Then after a user defined amount of time, the client will seed these misting pieces to everyone. Basically, this just forces people to stay in the swarm and help seed, or else they won't have the whole torrent. People, can leave early and not have the whole torrent, then come back later, but they might miss the window where the missing pieces are being seeded. I have read about this functionality, and was wondering if this was going to be added to tixati, or if there were no plans, consider this an official request.

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