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Automatically Overwrite "File Too Large" Files

by PXAbstraction on 2020/10/07 10:21:35 AM    
Hey everyone.

I apologize if this has been asked before but my attempts at searching failed me. So, I have a pile of data on a drive pool that came from torrents made up of a large number of files. I recently had the pool fail and had to have most of the data sent to me on hard drives from my cloud backup provider. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, some of the recovered files no longer match up with what's in the torrents. I keep getting "file too large" when I run an integrity check. Since it's only some of the files, what I have to do is run the integrity check, wait until it fails, open the folder on that file, delete it, run the check again and wait for the next file. I might have to do this potentially hundreds of times and because the torrents came from a ratio based repository, it's not easy for me to just download them again from scratch.

Is there a way I can have Tixati just automatically either delete or redownload any files that trip an error condition like this? I've spent a long time looking and if there is a way, I just can't find it. This would save me potentially hours and hours of work.

Thanks so much, keep up the great work! :)
by Guest on 2020/10/12 07:30:51 AM    
Sorely needed option.

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