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Status showing - error opening: the process

by Guest on 2020/10/02 03:50:36 PM    
On certain files I try to download they start but then suddenly stop, and the status shows 'error opening: the process'
has anyone else seen this or know how to stop it happening
thanks in advance :)
by Guest on 2020/10/03 05:59:30 AM    
What OS and what version of tixati?
you get this error while the torrent is downloading?
what status column do you "error opening: the process" in? the torrent status column or the file tab status column?
is there anything these torrents have in common?
if you remove it and then re-add it do you get the same error? at the same point while downloading?
post a magnet link to a torrent that does this so it can be sent to the devs.
by Guest on 2020/10/04 12:48:30 PM    
thank you

OS is windows 10
version of tixati is 2.76
the file starts to download and then shows this error and the download stops
the column is the status column after the progress column
its not all torrents just some and i cant find a similarity yet
its occurs if i remove and retry the torrent download and at the same time
my compyter is also storing the files somehwere as when i try to retry the download it prompts me that the files already exist
im not sure how to post a magnet link so it can send the devs
by Guest on 2020/10/04 01:59:05 PM    
in a torrent where this is happening, what does the files tab display in the status column for the files within that torrent?
just post the magnet link here and a mod will send it to the devs.
maybe post links to multiple torrents where this is happening.

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