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**** Tixati v2.76 is Now Available! ****    📌    🔒  

by janet on 2020/10/01 10:37:33 AM    
October 1, 2020

Tixati version 2.76 is now available. This is a major update with several important changes:

- tracker timing improvements, colors for status column
- added default tracker merge option to Settings > User Interface > Duplicate transfer prompt
- major improvements to the channel ban / moderation system
- added /banaddrmode off/on/wide/vwide to set the default address masking options when using /ban
- added /banignored off/on to automatically ban users that you ignore
- added /unbanunignored off/on to automatically unban users that you unignore
- improved channel connection cert selection, eliminated connection problems when user re-joins after ban and unban
- user ignore/unignore are propagated to all other channels where that user is present, and also the contact list
- from search results, a user can be right-clicked and ignored
- ignored users are indicated in red in search results
- added /banid /widebanid /vwidebanid command to ban user by it's ID, which can be copied by right-clicking
- clicking a user name in the main chat view while holding the ctrl key will paste the user's name into the message entry box
- clicking a user name in the main chat view while holding the ctrl+shift keys will paste the user's ID into the message entry box
- added Copy Name option to user right-click menu in chat view
- user name change and level change notifications in chat view are toggled on/off using /notify command, along with join/leave
- more aggressive channel DHT search intervals during first few minutes of operation, especially for owner/manager/op/mod
- improvements to channel status messages
- several new hotkeys added
- ctrl-f in transfers view will show filter bar, depress the filter button, and set focus to the filter edit box
- ESC on the filter bar edit box will clear all text
- F2 to edit any selected tracker, file, or transfer
- the delete key will delete any selected transfer, including it's files, subject to confirmation if not using OS recycle bin
- in trackers tab or main transfer view, the delete key will remove any selected tracker
- ctrl-c in search view to copy links of selected results
- ctrl-c in channels list view to copy links of selected channels
- ctrl-v in channels list view to create a new channel from link on clipboard
- enter key in many tree views is equivalent to a double-click on the current selection
- updated double-click defaults in Settings > User Interface > Behavior > Double-click actions
- active tab in transfer / peer / RSS property windows is now saved
- rewrote Linux GTK tab-view sizing algorithm so that tabs can be shrunk to the minimum size for only the showing tab
- added edit box colors and new tracker status colors to the custom colors selection in Settings > User Interface > Custom Colors
- updated IP location tables

Thanks for using Tixati!

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