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copy magnet as text to show announce plus trackers for a torrent

by loninappleton on 2020/09/28 04:46:51 PM    
This has come up for me recently.  I have seen my Metainfo screen for the
torrent in Tixati.  In what way can I make a text file of the magnet plus the tracker info?  Please give the exact steps.
by loninappleton on 2020/10/02 09:16:32 PM    
I'll restate this perhaps more clearly:

At the torrent name >  magnet options what is showing is perhaps the top
tracker which is usually coppers*****fer.  Ok for that.  How can the magnet copy feature pick up the current trackers list in Tixati settings and include all the % replacing info?

I would give a sample but unsure if that is approved.

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