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Tixati no longer sets category directory for captured torrents

by Guest on 2020/09/21 08:43:55 AM    
I have a category with capture settings. And usually Tixati auto finds a new torrent in folder, auto captures it to that category and applies its settings. But today i noticed that my torrents are in wrong folders.
by Guest on 2020/09/27 03:56:52 PM    
So i noticed a similar topic and thought that together we can bring more input, but it seems my bug is not the same one.
This does not happen if i manually select torrents category, i think it happens only if a categery has capture option.
Captured torrent get download location correctly from category settings, but fails to get seeding location and instead moves files for seeding to global Tixati's seeding directory.
by Guest on 2020/10/01 11:31:51 AM    
i noticed this bug in 2.75 and its still present in 2.76
by Guest on 2020/10/08 10:57:17 PM    
I also recently noticed this problem. I am using RSS and categories with settings for capture and download location. It was working well but now the categories capture the torrents correctly but do not set the download location.

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