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Initializing files takes forever

by Roskiskone on 2020/09/13 05:07:14 AM    
Hello everybody!

Ive been using Tixati for years now, but during this week I have encountered really annoying problem with new torrents.

Whenever I add a new torrent to my transfers it takes forever to initialize files to my drive. It doesnt matter what size torrent it is, even 1Gb torrents will take about 10 minutes to start downloading. Also when the download finally starts I get really bad speeds. 100kb/s - 500kb/s, even though I have 100mb/s up and down internet speeds.

Before this problem my torrents would always install right away and start downloading as fast as possible. Normally at 12mb/s for whole time while torrent is online. Sometimes lower, but this is just because of bad seeds.

This cant be due to my hard drives since all other downloads (via Steam or browser) can be downloaded at 12mb/s on any drive that I have in my server.

Is my Tixati config file messed up? How can I reset Tixati without losing my torrents on the list?

I hope someone has solution for this.

Thank you!
by Pete on 2020/09/24 05:04:20 PM    
You can rename the Tixati config directory. Of course turn Tixati off before doing that. When run again it will recreate default configuration, see if the problem is still present.

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