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Files no longer being moved according to category settings

by Guest on 2020/09/12 11:12:09 AM    
Problem began as of v2.75 (64-bit Windows build running on Windows 10 Home).

Files are categorized correctly by capture settings as before. Files download normally. The file then remains in the default download location instead of being moved to the seed location set in the category properties. Did not have this issue prior to v2.75.

My settings (which were not changed after upgrade)
Category>Properties>Local Files
File Auto-Select Preset - unchecked
Downloading Location - none
Seeding Location - set to different folder than Settings>Locations>Upon completion, move to this location (which is checked and set)

After download is complete, if I manually go into Category>Properties>Local Files and hit "Apply Locations to Existing Transfers", the file is then moved to the correct Seeding Location.
by Guest on 2020/09/12 12:09:16 PM    
More info on above:
If I change the setting Category>Properties>File Auto-Select to checked and Off, things work as they did before (and the way I want them to work) > the completed downloaded file is moved to the Seed Location specified in the Category settings. However this setting is not persistent after stopping and starting Tixati. It reverts to unchecked and Standard.

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