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Feature request - Change location for downloaded transfers

by Jungo on 2020/09/12 07:49:40 AM    
Currently there does not seem to be an easy way to change location for downloaded transfers without using Tixati's move option.

Move option however has several problems. Say you had all your transfers on C:\Tixati\ISOs and now want to move/copy everything to a new drive E:\ISOs and use E:\ from now on as master for transfers:

1. It removes files from original location. If you want to keep files in original location (backup purposes), you have to afterwards copy them from new location to old location.

2. If you already have files present in your new location, you have to move them again from Tixati.

3. If in the past you have specified to manually move only files from multiple transfers via Tixati, you can't easily do this again like you can with transfers.

Also there is too much work if you want to just change drive letter. You would have to create new partition on same drive and move them back and forth.
And it looks like move from Tixati is slower when compared to Windows explorer

Tixati seems to store data in a bunch of *.dat files but they are in some binary format, if transfer list would be accessible plain text you could just do find/replace from notepad and there would be no need to do any moving around.

Agree that this might be a somewhat niche issue, but there are some older posts describing similar problems if they want to change file locations. Had to remove most of my transfers because I already copied them to new location, but wanted to also keep them in original location.

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