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Super-slow Uploads?

by nsomniak6 on 2020/09/05 06:57:26 PM    
Hi there,

I am relatively new to torrenting and have tried a few other Bittorrent clients and Tixati has worked the best for me thus far. I am not a heavy user and don't have a ton of downloads and uploads going at one time and up until the last couple of days had pretty decent speeds of downloads. I on using Surfshark VPN which does, of course, slow my internet speed down some but in all honesty, the few servers that I have used which are Switzerland, Spain, Norway or the Netherlands don't have a noticeable difference between them even though I am in th US.

The Download speeds used to be in the 30-100s of KBs and sometimes more. Now the highest I am getting is in the 20s but mainly I am in the single digits.

I had everything at default and had tried a suggestion of changing the limit incoming KB/s  to 99999 and the outgoing to 500, it didn't change anything at all.

Whie it's true that many of my torrents have lower peers, in the past even if I had 1 seeder, I did alright, but now the torrents are taking many hours or days to seed when most used to be a couple of hours or even minutes. 95% of my torrents are larger audio files ranging from 50MB to 3G. I didn't expect anything instantaneous because my internet speed while on the VPN is from around 50-90Mbps Downloads and around 4-6Mbps Uploads, but I don't undestand what might have slowed it down so drastically when I haven't made changes.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
by nsomniak6 on 2020/09/06 11:38:57 AM    
I just wanted to add that I tried the same downloads on uTorrent (which I am not a fan of) and the ones that could find seeds were done within an hour. Tixati will actually connect to and torrent ones that for some reason uTorrent cannot find but all of them are VERY slow still, even the ones which have a good number of seeds. Another thing about Tixati that is/was different is that I am able to seed as well and wasn't really seeding at all on other clients I tried. I really want to stick with Tixati if I can get my speeds up.

Thanks again!
by Jungo on 2020/09/06 06:29:39 PM    
On Transfers section click on any problematic torrent and click Peers tab at the bottom. This shows all connections regarding that torrent. What does the status say?
by Guest on 2020/09/07 12:11:53 PM    
Thank you for getting back to me.

On one of the torrents, it shows 3 or 4 peers but all say timed out connecting.
Just out of curiosity, what can cause the timed out connecting? I experimented with using my newer laptop and tried to get the same torrents and of course, the new laptop was using the IP address associated with the older one and was uploading what had already been downloaded from that one, so I paused it on the old one to see if I could get any seeds from the other peers and it just timed out.

I did try a couple of new torrents today and my speeds have improved a great deal. I had worked with my VPN to try to get better speeds this weekend and that had helped a little, but it seems like with the new torrents today the speeds are much faster than the last few days. Could it be because there's less traffic? I am obviously pretty new to this but I am trying to learn as much as I can to be safe and knowledgeable.

I would be surprised if a lot of my torrents ever get any seeds because they tend to be obscure, but I will keep them on the off chance that someone might reseed.

Thanks again!

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