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Is Tixati a Spyware

by Guest on 2020/08/28 04:48:49 PM    

on your front page you say that "Tixati Contains NO Spyware and NO Ads", but the code to the program is completely closed. There is no way for anyone to compile this program by themselves after checking the code. So, how can you prove that? Those are powerful words, but there is no way for anyone to actually believe you.
This is quite strange - the program is "100% free", and yet you still find it useful to keep the code closed. Why would you do that, if you have nothing to hide from people, and if you are not planning to sell this program? I know what some people might say, "oh, it's just to protect from hacking attacks etc", but that doesn't make any sense because it's just a simple torrent client. The only way it can be hacked is if it was programmed very poorly and with a use of some weird 3rd party code borrowed from god knows where. So, unless it was over-engineered and filled up with bloatware, it shouldn't be dangerous, or prone to attacks in any way. Secondly, there might be someone saying, "oh, it's just to protect intellectual property. Okay, then just patent it, and sell it. Why do you give it for free then, if you care so much about your "property"?

So, what are you hiding? What is in store there for all of those naive people who are downloading all kinds of stuff from all around everywhere?

Kind Regards,
Vasilii Penkin
by Guest on 2020/08/28 06:55:56 PM    
Tixati is closed source like, Winamp, the best music player of all time, but if you want, you can use any genetic open source music player. Why use Windows the best OS and most used OS of world? Just use Linux for all your things including games and professional photo, music and video processing and edition, or why use Photoshop or even Google Chrome, from the most invasive company of world, and Facebook or Whatapp messenger? All this softwares is closed source. Is your choice, you can jump to qBittorrent, with all his limitations and keep your mind clean.
by Guest on 2020/08/29 05:06:47 AM    
The burden of proof is on those who accuse...
by Guest on 2020/08/30 12:09:19 PM    
If you really believed that it's spyware, you wouldn't be asking in the forum run by the people who make it. It's like asking a potential hitman whether he's an undercover police officer. This smells a lot like someone trying to get the source code for his own use by pushing hard on the accusation front.

For the record, no it's not spyware. Go search on reddit and other sites for user reports.
by Guest on 2020/08/31 03:36:29 AM    
Okay, first of all - Winamp is not the best player in the world, it's actually a total crap compared to the modern open source players.
Second of all, I am not accusing, I am asking questions - a sensible thing to do.
If nobody is there from the dev team to say literally anything then it just feels really weird.
And yes, I did switch to linux, and my airgap windows pc has all the windows apps for media creation and video gaming, but no access to the internet. I am not proud of that, I am not patronizing anyone, I am actually feeling really sad that people have to resort to this stupid stuff in order to retain their basic human rights nowadays.
by aHemWhat on 2020/09/03 12:44:08 PM    
FGS, you're using a torrent client and you're worried about spyware??  Do you not run other apps to protect from that?  I have tried many others and qBittorent gets bogged down, as does biglybt, and I donated to that bloat.  I wish freeware I donate to would allow me some feature that's a step above but when you put all great features out there, I'm just supporting great code.  Sounds to me you want to recompile with your own name and sell it.

Don't like the app, buy one.
by Jungo on 2020/09/04 10:13:23 AM    
There is plenty of good free, but closed source projects. Not everything needs to be open source. Cool if it is, but it shouldn't be the deciding factor whether something is good. Some easy methods that I can think of to determine if something possibly is or isn't malware:
1. Check executable against various AV engines. Here are the results of latest Win64 executable -
Of course AVs can't catch everything and just because everything is reported as clean, does not mean program actually is, but this is a good indication.

2. Check program's reputation around internet. Check various different tech communities. Check news. If this would be a true spyware weird things would be reported.

3. Check network traffic yourself.

As a bonus, all forum threads have to be approved from what I see. If Tixati would be truly nefarious, your question probably wouldn't end up here for others to see.
by Guest on 2020/09/10 11:13:44 AM    
uTorrent was a good long time, but then thanks to closed source it was sold and made ADware and filled with spyware. Closed software are temporary and susceptible to infiltration from people with big wallets. Use it while it is free like i use it, but always be prepared for losing access to this. Use sandbox just in case.
by Guest on 2020/09/11 06:07:57 AM    
I think one day it will be sold like it was with uTorrent and then party is over anyway. Closed apps are always in danger to be buyed off by big wallet owners.
by Guest on 2020/09/11 12:34:12 PM    
Yes, open source is ever better, but the world is not perfect, and want all softwares be open is a complete dream, as I posted before many good softwares is closed source, Winamp, Windows, Adobe softwares etc, then sometime you need pay the price, but, for instance, Ubuntu and qBittorrent is open source, but you know if is really secure? You really check the code line by line before compilation? So, open or closed, anything is 100% secure, but Tixati have "zero" positives on Virustotal today, it would be ignored? Any antivirus is 100% but without doubt VT is a good reference in my opnion, with Norton, Kasper and Bitdefender in the list. Also Tixati is very old, from the same devs of WinMX, have a lot of history, this also need be calculated.
by Guest on 2020/09/11 11:37:55 PM    

In China, even the most rigorous protection procedures have not alerted Tixati. In this case, I will assume that Tixati is safe.

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