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Feature missing after update

by Guest on 2020/08/22 03:21:17 AM    
New version of TIXATI is missing an important feature which is front and back first.
This feature was available with previous version of tixati which allows a file to be downloaded  front and back pieces first that a media such as video file can be played immediately.
by Iztok on 2020/09/09 11:06:27 AM    
Thank you very much. I was thinking to upgrade Tixati. I am very grateful for this report. You have been save me a lot of troubles.
by Guest on 2020/09/10 12:22:54 PM    
Wrong, this feature is present and even more powerful in new versions, just use sequential presets in tixati settings. Before post something like it the first thing you need do is, read the changelog (news page) and enter in the settings and observe all the options.

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