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Tixati slow response when opening settings

by Guest on 2020/07/21 05:24:39 AM    
Hi, First time posting here. Using tixati ver 2.7.4, it takes a long time when i try opening the settings icon. Condition; i got a lot of files in my library on several different drives to seed. When i formatted my pc due to some OS error, i use the backup and export settings utility inside tixati. I proceed then and reformat and reinstall everything back. When i open the settings back to import the backup file, this lag on the UI happens. I notice that before i import the backup settings, everything is fast and crisp. But when i use import from backup, the UI slows down. Pressing the cog-settings icon takes longer to load, (around 30sec to a minute even hangs itself sometimes). And during that time, all transfer stopped, i know this because i have a net meter analysing packets coming in and out (cfosspeed). It work eventually, but it have to search back all the connection to the leecher or seeder after i close back the settings page. It seems to lag after using the import backup funtion. Is this a known bug?. I noticed that i have not have this issues before, as early as v2.62. This had happened in these few new releases. Hope this will help and thanks for the effort. Will keep supporting.
by Guest on 2020/07/21 05:15:07 PM    
What OS?

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