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Both Seeding Limits rather than just First

by Guest on 2020/07/18 11:54:46 AM    
I have an upload ratio set, but in some cases, my ratio climbs well in excess of the ratio before I finish downloading, so the second I get the last piece it shuts down, meaning on some weaker swarms I may be the only one who got the last piece from a slow seed before I disappear. I could set a time limit instead of a ratio to fix this, but there are some that go for weeks or months before I give back, so those ones would be shut down well before replacement ratio.

If I set both a time limit and a ratio, it means none of the uploads go as long as they should - fast moving swarms trigger the ratio, slow moving swarms trigger the time limit, and it's the worst of each world. With just the ratio limit, at least the weakest swarms are supported.

I would like an option to let me set two limits, but only end the seed when both are triggered, rather than on the first. That way I could set a short time, like 1 day to help a fast swarm where I blow past my ratio quickly, but still stick around as long as it takes to finish my uploads to older/weaker swarms.
by Pete on 2020/07/22 09:51:56 AM    
That would be useful for me too.

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