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SLOOOOOW performance in GB LAN

by mbe on 2020/07/12 05:08:54 PM    
Hi team,
performance between two Tixati clients in my LAN (GB) is limited to 1-2 MB/sec, while uploads and downloads in LAN but also WAN (FTTH, 500/100 MBit/sec) is reaching near capacity, i.e. an order of magnitude more than Tixati.

Why is that? What to do to get that fixed ?

This effect is to be seen in 2.7.3 and 2.7.4 alike.
CPU and Memory are far from any limits.

TXs and cheers
by Guest on 2020/07/13 07:22:21 AM    
I think it would be helpful to try using and even older Tixati version to see if the problem still occurs. Also try using other BitTorrent clients. And try other protocols like SMB (Windows share), HTTP or FTP. Please share your results. I'm assuming both devices are connected to your gigabit LAN with ethernet. Maybe check the cat cable your using for the other computer. Your CPU, RAM and everything may be more than enough but the bottleneck could be the ethernet cat version. I'm not sure. I could be wrong. Just trying to give some helpful ideas to troubleshoot this.
by mbe on 2020/07/14 01:41:33 AM    
TXs for response.
Just tried Teamviewer file transfer (everything else same), which is not known as super fast. It goes nearly 10 times faster than Tixati ...
by Guest on 2020/07/16 01:37:09 AM    
Transfer between your PCs may be going over the public internet.

Tixati will be using you public IP Addresses rather than internal IP addresses on your local LAN.
by mbe on 2020/07/16 04:28:01 PM    
Well, I see three connections: IP4 and IP6 external addresses and also the LAN-address 192.168...
And all three of them have the upload capacity of 100 MBit/sec (well, the two etxernals share).
Yet, all of them are an order of magnitude slower than capacity.
by Guest on 2020/08/09 01:53:45 PM    
Anybody has any idea how to fix this ?
by mbe on 2023/04/28 01:35:42 PM    
Anyone from the Tixati team has an idea?
To recap:
- no firewall restrictions
- both, the local IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses are visible as peers in the Tixati tab
- on Android, with libretorrent, I can see peers switch between local (v4) and external (v6)
- WAN upload speed is 100 MBit/sec (FTTH)
- but Tixati only leverages between 1 and 5% of capacity
- although the Tixati PC (ubuntu) is connected to the router via 1 GB/sec line
by shag00 on 2023/11/11 01:56:36 AM    
I suspect your problem is not a network issue but rather a disk I/O issue. Try running IOSTAT or similar
to confirm.

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