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**** Tixati v2.74 is Now Available! ****    📌    🔒  

by janet on 2020/07/10 05:45:39 AM    
July 10, 2020

Tixati version 2.74 is now available. There have been many improvements:

- added support for UDP peers, DHT, and UDP trackers over SOCKS 5 proxy that supports UDP associate command
- revised and improved support for all other TCP over SOCKS 5 proxy
- improved controls in Settings > Network > Proxy
- post-shutdown tracker cleanup improved, more reliable final announce for UDP trackers
- UDP trackers support per-transaction port binding over SOCKS 5 when using proxy-side name resolution
- tracker error retry timing fixed so changes to network settings will reset extended retry intervals
- fixed problems causing frequent cycling of peer connection attempts when DHT is offline
- new option to do a redundant hash-check of completed transfers or files in Settings > Transfers > Files
- several refinements to the post-completion sequencing of checking, move on complete, and file completion shell commands
- better handling of missing-file situations when the 'Error on missing downloaded files' option is not enabled
- fixed file activity stall when a file hash check is interrupted by a move operation
- fixed display of localized dates and times on Windows systems that use Unicode for day and/or month names
- improvements to bandwidth throttle prioritization algorithms for better accuracy under heavy connection churn
- minor improvements to internal program closing procedures
- UPNP/NATPMP mappings are now removed on program closing (although still using a TTL for safety incase remove fails)
- fixed problems with some bytes per second readouts that would zero out after 20+ days of uptime
- minor fixes to the GUI blocking mechanism that keeps modal dialogs from overriding each other
- updated IP location tables

Thanks for using Tixati!

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