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Connection timeouts-- seems to effect the most recent torrent up

by loninappleton on 2020/07/04 01:08:45 PM    
Even when I shift otal bandwidth to the new torrent,  there is barely a trickle of
up upload band.  I have ten downloaders on and all it is is connection timeouts.

If I start up the rest of the torrents,  I get full upload available again.

And yes, I've done the bandwidth test and did the calculation of 75% to avoid

Anyone else noticing such a problem?

 I have not attempted to check against one of the the other torrent clients.  I'm
sold on Tix but I may try a  one off on an extra machine and fire it up to see if any change.

Again, this seems to effect the last one added.  Also if I add the new one to
the Share tab can that effect something I'm not aware of?

 On a sample build I'll try to take those out to see if any changes.
by loninappleton on 2020/07/10 12:34:44 AM    
I think my timeouts problems are cleared up.  I have deleted all the shared items at the tab for that purpose.  I read more about the share process and then decided I did had not understood the function.

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