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Tixati has lost margin definition -- can it be fixed in one of t

by loninappleton on 2020/07/01 01:44:50 PM    
Tracking down what has made Tixati lose the right hand margin--on just the
Tixati program-- has been difficult.  It is not my screen.  Other activities in
Firefox and programs are not effected.

What I'm seeing is the loss of the right hand screen slider in Transfers to where it is
barely visible or movable at the edge of the program image.

I've changed screen resolution but it is less readable.  This should be correctable
in the prgram.  I'm looking for ways.
by Guest on 2020/07/10 03:12:50 AM    
Does backing up the config folder then deleting it and then starting fresh still have this border issue? If so then the problem is also saved into the configs which could be useful to solve it
by Guest on 2020/07/10 05:40:46 AM    
post a pic so we can see what you are talking about. make sure the pic does not have file names visible.
by loninappleton on 2020/07/29 11:41:01 PM    
I had not seen replies since it moved down the page.  I'll see if I can screen
shot it.  The problem is hard to see since it's nearly all the way off screen right.

The other thing about configs-- I'll see what I can do but I'm used to
saving and grabbing configs all the time.  As stated,  I reinstalled an
old version.  If it's a matter of "cleaning it out" I may need some help with it.
by loninappleton on 2020/07/29 11:46:52 PM    
I am going to bail on this.  I think it's a monitor problem.
Any time I go full screen mode such as the program home screen the right
edge is cut off.  If I reduce the screen size to a window, the right hand control bar is visible.  I just can't have both:  full screen and the right side.

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