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[Bug] Tixati can't check the file under the folder    🔒  

by a0193143 on 2020/06/29 10:04:19 AM    
Although the mdf file is in under the folder, and name is exact the same, but Tixati seems can't check the file, if I rename it in Tixati, the file will be renamed too, but just can't force check it.
And you can see that the mds filename is in yellow, but the mdf file is grey.
(link to picture removed by mod and sent to Devs)

Seems just happened on the files with mdf extension

Under qBittorrent has no problem, checking normal
by janet on 2020/06/29 06:59:03 PM    
a0193143 -> Please repost a link to that picture, but with all names blurred.
by janet on 2020/06/30 06:27:32 PM    
This thread is closed here, but is continuing here:

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