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Create a category based on download/upload speed

by Guest on 2020/06/24 05:28:12 AM    
I was looking to create a couple categories that work something like this;

. All active torrents where Bytes In is greater than 1K and less than 100K

. All active torrents where Bytes In is greater than 100K and less than 1000K

. All active torrents where Bytes In is greater than 1000K

And something similar for Bytes out. The idea being if I want to game I can quickly see all high traffic torrents and I could turn them off in one go without having to shut down Tixati completely.

I thought it might be possible using the Normal type and putting something in transfer load but couldn't get it working. And the help didn't really help. Is this possible with the current category system?
by Guest on 2020/06/24 05:20:42 PM    
To it is better use bandwidth limiter presets, add a preset called GAMES, and limite speed severely.
by Guest on 2020/07/13 05:40:13 AM    
That doesn't work for me. So I take it what I was asking about is just not possible?

Is there a more detailed guide for how categories work than the online help provides? It only provides an overview of what categories are for but doesn't touch on how filtering in the categories works. I'm only guessing, but I assumed the categories could automatically add torrents to them. But maybe that's not the case, maybe I need to create a category and add torrents to it (which means it'd never do what I was hoping). Or maybe torrents only go into categories automatically when the torrent is being created or completed? Again, that's a guess based on the UI.

Further, (assuming the filtering is automatic) how do you even create a filter? I tried what I thought was something simple (to match a torrent name) and that didn't work. So it's not clear how they work from the help, or even what's possible.

For example, could I use categories to match where torrent name contains "Linux", or file name contains ".avi" or Bytes size is in a range, or date created is in a range, or last activity is greater than 6 months? The fact that match can be against regex suggests that should be possible, but I just can't make it work.

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