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Tixati acting really weird

by Guest on 2020/06/17 09:53:30 AM    
Whenever I try to move the tixati window, it kinda delays it a bit, then it goes like in a smooth/rigid motion and it just feels and looks really weird.
I recorded some footage, I hope this helps a bit, thanks in advance.

(link removed by mod and sent to Devs)
by Guest on 2020/07/02 08:25:17 AM    
Same thing happened to me since a few days ago, i was using the previous version. Not the 2.73. Not 100% sure but if i recall correctly it started when i tried to move the tixati window from one display to another (i use 3) and during the transition and while the window was between the 2 displays, while pressing the left click i accidentally pressed the right click also. Now, depending on the speed and distance and "shape" of the move i try to make, it will take from 0.5 (a lateral move of a few cm) to 1.5 secs (eg a full circle) to complete it. Again, not 100% sure but that's how i remember it. I upgraded to 2.73 but it didn't fix it. I tried a clean install but still the same. Also of note, around the same time i installed the latest windows update, the 2004. I am not sure if i did it before or after though.

Minor inconvenience i know and it does not affect anything else as far as i can tell.

Windows 10 Education x64, build 19041, version "2004".

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