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[Request]Option to self order priority.

by Guest on 2020/06/09 12:55:51 PM    
Currently, the only option is to set priority other than high low normal is to set as ordered.
This ordered option is very rigid. Could a move up or down priority be given for File Priority similar to what has been done for trackers?
by minsik on 2023/04/07 08:15:42 AM    
Not 100% sure but thinks that

Higher up the file list has a higher priority, can be ordered by "alt+ up/down arrow key" to move a file higher up the list, or down.
then there is bandwidth priority per download that can be high priorituy normal. low priority or very low, as well as within a torrent to order the downloads of a tv series for instance of "ordered which will number from top to bottom 1-x and download mainly that 1 then 2 then 3 etc.

so there are a few options for arranging priority of downloads.
Hope this helps.

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