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Magnet and chrome/new edge.

by davidil28 on 2020/06/08 01:57:53 PM    
Hi! I have a question, does anybody know what a I have to do to avoid being ask if I want to open the link in tixati. Everytime I click on the magnet icon in a website a little window pop ups asking me if I want to open that on tixati. It's kind of annoying.
by Guest on 2020/06/09 01:46:20 AM    
i do not use chrome or edge but i would guess that there are settings in the preferences that allow you to open magnets with a specific program. you just have to find them.
by Guest on 2020/06/11 08:44:58 PM    
Normally these settings are handled by your operating system. However Windows 10 is an even bigger mess compared to previous versions, so good luck finding the right answer on the internet.
A hint: magnet links are 'URI' so kind of like 'URLs' they will be handled by the corresponding URL handler (not a file .ext-ension handler as you are used to on Windows)

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