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Running Tixati for 10-15 minutes then my PC starts to freeze and

by Guest on 2020/05/27 02:30:18 PM    

I had issue when running Tixati for couple of minutes then my PC starts to freeze, it kept on popping out my Audio device selection, then my Pc starts to freeze and slow down, then my internet connection keeps dropping after I close Tixati I can't connect back to my internent and then I need to restart my PC

I checked on my Memory and Hdd usage it's not even hitting 50% before closing Tixati. It just whenever I run Tixati or other torrent program it just crashes my whole PC

Please jelp me
by Guest on 2020/05/27 09:09:07 PM    
what OS and what version of tixati?

how many torrents do you have loaded? running?

how many channels are you in? are they busy channels?

are you doing anything else on your computer?

if you are also having trouble with your audio, check whats going on there.
by Guest on 2020/06/08 01:45:26 PM    
Has nothing to do with Audio. If anything Tix is causing some issue with that, because the moment you close Tix everything goes back to normal other than the audio desync (which can be fixed by turning Spacial Sound on and off again). If you leave the client open doing nothing it slowly starts to eat more CPU cycles until it starts causing system issues, such as killing your graphics drivers, before it eventually causes the entire system to fail.

The KICKER is that it MAY be something Windows related, because the same thing happens in BiglyBT, and I had just installed it to see about moving client thinking it was a Tix exclusive issue.
by Guest on 2020/06/09 01:48:41 AM    
if you are having the same problem with other torrent clients then it is NOT a tixati problem, its a problem with your computer.

what os and what version of tixati are you using?
by loninappleton on 2020/06/09 10:47:05 PM    
I'm having a similar problem so I'm following this thread.  Also running Windows-- Win7 but I don't mess with it and it has been running for years.  Tixati too.  I did a restore just to see if something was up with the OS.
But of late I'm getting dropout on anything streaming from Yt etc.  Exit Tixati
and things seem normal again.  

I considered ISP throttling so I ran a speed test from the furthest test point.
Ookla broadband test shows about average with Tixati turned off, a 'server failure'
error of some sort occurred from Ookla when Tix is turned on.  IOW it would'nt complete the speed test with TX 2.72 active.

My bandwidth is pretty low with a small account at the ISP.  For now I'll run Tixati when I can like after hours with no machine activity.

Let me know if I should post the error from Ookla.  I now have a screenshot picture site to do the view-- I think.
by loninappleton on 2020/06/10 04:59:47 PM

Don't know if this format works  but I got the error back when having Tx loaded
and ran speedtest.

I'll review what's needed in the posting screenshots sticky.
by loninappleton on 2020/06/10 05:00:24 PM    
Looks like it worked.

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