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How to know if all the pieces of a torrent file are available?

by lwmar on 2020/05/23 11:41:30 PM    

Please tell me:

How to know if all the pieces of a torrent file are available or if I will get stuck forever?


by Guest on 2020/05/24 07:04:17 PM    
Maybe someday we can have a availability column to see it easy, or even better a feature to auto delete dead torrents, but for now, you can use "Right Click on torrent 'n Properties" workaround.
by lwmar on 2020/05/26 02:16:43 PM    
and how I am supposed to see that once I click there?
by Guest on 2020/05/27 11:18:05 PM    
Availability < 1.0 means incomplete torrent in the swarm.
Availability > 1.0 means you (100%) + other visible peers, if you are seeding.
I think there was a setting to configure how it is displayed, but essentially the above is the same in uTorrent
by Casper on 2020/05/30 04:42:41 AM    
Just a heads-up if you didn't notice, but when using tabbed view you can simply click the details tab on the bottom information window instead of having to click properties on the torrent.

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