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Force check a torrent not cycling to check

by loninappleton on 2020/05/17 03:17:03 PM    
I have an extensive torrent list but also keep backups etc.
Something seems to have gone bad with one small audio cd rip.
It currently will not/does not show the upload history and just displays zero uploaded content.

Secondly, running a force check on this doesn't start up the cycle like it's not present to be checked.

I have tried the manuever of downloading my own torrent and content from the
index but that simply shows as 'done',   100% no download due to the check the Tixati
program does.

The torrent is apparently ok.  No errors anywhere and seeding.  But how did I lose
the upload history?  How can I check that it's working?

Would an import from recent history fix that-- or screw up my current work?
by loninappleton on 2020/05/17 03:20:05 PM    
On the force check.  I must have blinked.  Running force check again goes very fast since the content is only audio at 47 mb.

That much is now known.
by Guest on 2020/05/17 04:25:10 PM    
Other thing I noticed now is the problem torrent file does not look to be the
right size at 9kb rather than the usual 30kb or so.

I don't know if I'll have to remake this yet or can find a backup
in one of my reserve disks.

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