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by Guest on 2020/05/09 04:29:45 PM    
App works almoust good, but from time to time it crashes if i start firefox 7.6 64bit!
i use win 10 home, 8 gig RAM -> log file: "out of memory"
after that firefox with addon "group speed dial" works incorrect - the new tabs crashes.
the new start of firefox doesn't help so i should start win 10 again.
by Guest on 2020/05/09 05:53:43 PM    
what log file is saying 'out of memory'?

are you sending in the crash reports?

what version of tixati?
by Guest on 2020/05/10 10:22:39 PM    
Obviously you are too low on system memory. Remove junk apps from autostart, see with Process Explorer what programs are running you don't use and get rid of them.
Finally upgrade to 16GB RAM.
by Guest on 2020/05/13 12:09:08 PM    
tix 2.7.3

Mon May 11 16:23:10 2020
 Out of memory!
Mon May 11 16:40:55 2020
 Out of memory!
Tue May 12 22:43:11 2020
 Out of memory!
Tue May 12 23:08:42 2020
 Out of memory!
Wed May 13 17:19:07 2020
 Out of memory!
by Guest on 2020/05/15 03:38:12 AM    
nothing to do with memory. µTorrent runs stable on my machine.
i tried completely naked system - same result. tixati chrashes. from time to time...

another problem:

i can remove magnet link after download (if download process is over and i am in "seeding mode" and don't want to seed)
the files will be transported to anothe folder. for example: from %download% to %download\complete%
so far so good
after reboot, next day, ask tixati "file missing", shows me the file again in tixati window with less than 100 %
of download: 94 %, 87 % etc so i should copy all downloaded files back to "download" folder and start checking/seeding again.
after check of all download(s) i can remove all "100 % downloaded files" and they go again to "download\complete" folder.

if file is small the check runs fast, but when i got 8, 20 50 gigs - i can go sleep! while during the check of files,
all downloads don't work and wait until check is over: other files bekome status "wait for check".

to get rid of all these i remove downoaded files next day, after reboot. and sometimes starts check... oh my...

small bug?

thank you.
by notaLamer on 2020/05/18 12:24:57 AM    
tix 2.7.3, online for over 7 hours and stays at 3.4 GB RAM once reached its steady-state (don't wonder, I have Channels enabled (all of them, and they're heavy!), tons of transfers and logging).
 Out of memory!
nothing to do with memory.
Why so... s-sure? I told you to inspect the processes with Process Explorer to help narrow it down, Task Manager is not as specific as PE. New uTorrent is a very good example of 'new bloat', it needs 400MB of memory just after startup and a fresh install.
after that firefox with addon "group speed dial" works incorrect - the new tabs crashes.
You are lucky your PC doesn't freeze as it would try to use the pagefile (or maybe there's none in your case :)
by Guest on 2020/05/23 01:33:49 PM    
hi NotaLamer!
thank you for your answer.

my µtorrent is thanks g-d old, not a bloatware.
Firefox is bloatware. but i find nothing better than. so i use firefox.

Tixatii 2.7.3 now download 4 magnetlinks, RAM used: 26 mb, CPU: 2~3 %

Crash after start of Edge or Firefox (sporadically).
almost nothing runs in the background: Norton Security only.

i tried tixati 64 msi, portable - same result.

it seems that I should live with it

thank you for your help!
by Guest on 2020/05/27 11:30:20 PM    
I'm still not sure if you actually checked with ProcessExplorer to see if there are any useless software running (in the background, without windows or icons). But at least you are certain now it's not Tixati :)

Firefox: navigate to about:crashes in your URL bar and see if there are any recent ones (scroll down the page to see if there're any recently submitted, otherwise submit one manually). After submission you will be able to go to the crash report page on mozilla's website and see what Firefox thinks caused under "Crash Reason". The suspicion is it could be some "not enough memory". Submit a few more crashes if unsure.
Firefox has more internal pages like about:performance or about:memory. You can see all of them at about:about. There are options to reduce memory usage of it anyway (limit the amount of content processes), it just will take some research time ;)

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