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Constant seeding for trackers

by Guest on 2020/05/04 07:02:52 AM    
How do i auto-set constant seeding for torrent of a tracker?

The only way i found is something i can't do at the moment: create a category based on that tracker
This could be good but i found out that categories are exclusive and a torrent can have only one
My categories are like: movies,TV,music etc.. Each category has a different save path, so i use them.
If i create a category based on tracker i just want to see torrents of that tracker (and set constant seeding) but those torrents could be movies, music etc, so they must stay in their category.
by Guest on 2020/05/04 03:11:02 PM    
you could try adding something to the 'description' and then sort by that.

first go to the layout button and then go to columns.
turn on the description column.
now right click a torrent and select description.
now fill in something you want to sort by.

sort by that and then right click them and select 'constant seeding'

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